Sector: Engineering and Construction
Business revenue: R25m+
Project Duration: 3 months


A national business required an evaluation and review of their current business strategy.

Objective for project

The development and activation of a business strategy. The shareholders held different views on where to take the business and required independent expert advice to analyse their business, find common objectives and present a common strategy that aligned resources with objectives and measurement criteria.

Our methodology

1. Analyse and understand status quo.
2. Discover competencies & levers of influence
3. Develop strategic objectives and priorities
4. Make clear decisions on the way forward
5. Coordinate and resolve areas of conflict and complexity

Work Performed

1. Assessment of business model, shareholders and current strategy.
2. Offsite strategy sessions with senior management.
3. Developed business strategy and plan of action for business.
4. Activation of strategy with management.
5. Monitored performance against set Key Result Areas.

Outcomes achieved

• Developed a detailed strategy document containing strategic objectives, tactics and timelines.
• Assigned projects, tasks and actions to members of the Executive
• Developed concise goals and measurement criteria.
• Established a structured review & active learning process to be undertaken throughout the next phase of the business cycle.
• Enhanced organisational capacity.


A detailed strategy will include the finalisation and implementation of a strategic plan that includes, Objectives, Measures of success and projects and initiatives along each of the following perspectives:
1. Investment & financial performance
2. Business development, marketing and sales
3. Business processes, internal capacity and organisation
4. People and teams
5. Innovation, R&D and New Business

Introduction to Addison Advisory

We provide high-impact business consulting services to established private companies in the domains of management, finance and transactions. Addison Advisory assists clients in realising the potential of their business and personal investments by focussing on high impact solutions that add value.
Guy Addison is a Director of Addison Advisory Incorporated. Guy holds an Honours degree in Business Science and post graduate qualifications in Accounting and Law and has worked over twenty years across geographies, and in various sized businesses from start-up ventures to multinational corporations. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and member of the Institute of Directors (IOD) of Southern Africa.


Client comments

“thank you very much for a great and rewarding 2 days”