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Who We Are

A diverse team of committed corporate transaction professionals with shared values.


Our Mission

A high impact consulting solutions business for private companies and their shareholders.

Our Vision

Focused professionals striving to build, deliver and enhance value for our stakeholders.

High impact insight, advice and direction to enhance business value

Our Services and Rates

Each engagement is purpose-built, as no two clients are the same.

This includes structuring the work around our clients’ unique requirements, budget and specific circumstances.

We do not mandate certain equity contributions, contract structures or minimum fees.

We believe in long-term, value aligned investment of resources and expertise alongside our ‘clients-partners’.

Ways in which we structure our fees include:

  • Consulting based (hourly rate)
  • Project-based (fixed fee)
  • Transaction-based (% of transaction value)
  • Shared risk (outcome linked)

We have deep experience in our chosen areas of practice, we have developed unique processes and procedures to solve important business challenges with our clients.