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Webinar on Share Incentives

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Description of webinar

In this informative webinar Marc Ashton and Guy Addison introduced share incentives and how these structures are intended to incentivise key staff without losing alignment with the strategic objectives of the businesses.

What are incentives?

Share incentive scheme have been the most important means of motivating and retaining management within companies. In the current economic climate, it is likely that many more companies will realise that their current remuneration and incentive plans are no longer appropriate. This is likely to result in a dramatic shift in executive remuneration strategies and structures, both here in South Africa and internationally.


You can listen to the webinar here:

In Conclusion

Remuneration structures and policy today is largely a commoditized ‘cookie cutter’ approach where the same structures are used across industries and businesses with little thought given to the specific circumstances facing the organisation and its people. Company’ boards are going to have to return to the drawing board for some deep thinking (and action) on their current executive remuneration policy and implementation plans.

Key questions to answer in resolving your incentive program

1.    You’ve spoken largely about listed company’s, do these same concerns apply to SME’s and private company’s?

Broadly yes, although less regulation like listing requirements make it easier to be flexible here. Take advice where necessary – this is a complicated and risky field!

2.    What actions can we take

If you are a participant, read up on the rules and issuing particulars of your incentives. Speak to your CFO / FD / Board if in doubt. Visit for resources on remuneration, share incentives and share-based payments.

3.    How can we contact you?

Please contact us on or alternatively: Linkedin @guyaddison

What next?

Email and we will provide a complementary consultation on your specific incentive structure. 

Guy Addison

Guy Addison is Managing Partner of Addison Advisory Inc, working with  businesses and their shareholders on corporate finance, strategy and governance challenges.    

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