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Download memo on equity based incentives

Incentive strategies are programs designed to incentivise management and staff of a company to grow the value of the company by linking their individual benefits to the growth of the organisation they represent. Incentives offer participants the ability to gain additional financial or other benefits above a set remuneration based on the achievement of certain targets. But incentives can also create enormous complexity and stress leading to undesired results for participants and companies alike.

If you would like to learn more download the attached memo on the various structures and some of the risks and issues with these structures. 

Articles and insights

Executive pay has been a topical issue for a long time now.

A fascinating video from 1992 on Executive pay! Graef Crystal talks about what’s wrong with executive compensation today and the issue of taxing executive pay. ‘today’ was almost 30 years ago! Key questions asked: Are we playing the game fairly? Is remuneration correlated with share-price performance? Does naming and shaming poor executives that are gaming

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Why all share-based payment plans are essentially the same thing

The remuneration committee of the Board has implemented what they claim is a ‘market-comparable’ incentive scheme for executives. So as a shareholder / participant in such a plan you should feel comfortable that such a plan is the best way to align management with shareholders. Maybe. But, the important thing to note is that there is really only one structure these days…

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Recent articles in the media on share-based payments structures in listed entities

It apparent that many listed companies are struggling with their executive incentive structures and strategies. The disillusionment created by these structures is creating more harm than good. Below is a selection of companies who require assistance with their remuneration structures.   Apart from the conflict of interest issue, Old Mutual has another hot potato involving Peter

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Media coverage on Share Incentive Structures and ‘Long Term’ Remuneration

With recent volatility brought about by Covid-19, companies will likely re-enter a new era of innovation and learning. Here is a selection of recent articles on executive remuneration, with specific focus on share-based payments and the alignment of management with the shareholders of a company. Governance of executive share schemes and ‘skin in the game’

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Webinar on Share Incentives

Share incentive scheme have been the most important means of motivating and retaining management within companies. In the current economic climate, it is likely that many more companies will realise that their current remuneration and incentive plans are no longer appropriate. This is likely to result in a dramatic shift in executive remuneration strategies and structures, both here in South Africa and internationally.

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